Habit Reset

Becoming a new mom really turned my world upside down in the best way. I went from building my business, working out 4 days a week, making healthy food and having plenty of free time... to being a full time stay at home mom holding a baby the entire day, with a body that still feels a bit different. Needless to say my habits have changed, which is totally OK.

Now that I’ve had time to adjust to my new normal, I’m ready to reevaluate my habits and figure out where to modify and rebuild. I think of it like a puzzle. To me, this is fun stuff! I’m sharing my process for a habit reset so you can use this as an example if you want to do the same.

  1. Understand my new environment/schedule.

    • Our routine will continue to change so I’ll take this into consideration.

    • I am not going to magically have a bunch of free time during the day - she seems to only get more demanding :) so plan for very little ‘me’ time.

    • Her needs come first as much as possible. She will continue to need me for nursing and naps for awhile so I’ll take this into consideration.

    • I do have access to help a couple hours of week.

  2. What would I like to change? Look at the 5 main life areas - health, career, finances, spirituality, relationships. What would I like to change (if anything) in each?

    • Health- I would like to eat cleaner (less empty food with little nutrition, more veggies). Do more cardio and body weight workouts.

    • Career- On hold

    • Finances- Be more aware of my spending, don’t spend unnecessary.

    • Spirituality- No issues.

    • Relationships- I need to find more moms that I can spend time with and relate to. I would also like more time with my husband.

    • *Bonus: Self care - Make sure I have time to myself to reconnect with ‘me’ outside of being a mom

  3. Be realistic and choose just a few things to work on first.

    • Exercise

    • Healthy meals

    • Relationships

  4. Modification

    • This is where I try and solve the puzzle and see what solution will potentially fulfill my ‘needs’ in order to create new habits. I say potential because this can be an experimental process to see what works.

      • Exercise- What is currently getting in my way? I no longer have the time to go to the gym because I can’t leave Teagan at those times and can’t leave for more than 1 hr. What could I do instead? I have the ability to walk, dance and do quick in home workouts with T.

      • Healthy meals- What is getting my way? I rarely have two hands free all day . Teagan likes to be held, and even in her sling her hands get in the way of trying to chop vegetables. What could I do instead? Get help. Have partner chop veggies for me. Buy pre-cut veggies. Wear her on my back. Meal prep so I only have to cook a couple times a week.

      • Relationships- What’s currently getting in my way? I don’t spend as much time with my husband as I’d like because I go to bed with my baby as soon as he gets home from work. What could I do instead? Using time on the weekend, we can take Teagan for a walk. That keeps her pretty occupied and allows us to talk to each other and catch up.

  5. Implement

    • I will try these new solutions and check back in with myself in two weeks to see what is working and where I need to modify. To hold myself accountable I will put a reminder on my calendar each day to briefly think about my new habits. I will also commit to sharing my results with my Facebook group.

Unexpected Passion

We took advantage of the pause in the rain today and met Omi in the village to get fresh air. We talked about Teagan and motherhood, as we typically do these days. But part of our conversation led me to get a little teary-eyed on the drive home. Good tears. Tears that came from a place of passion and feeling a whole new purpose for myself in this world.

I never expected to have half the feelings that came from becoming a mom. I didn’t expect love her THIS much. Or for it to be this hard and life changing. Or to have this new empathy for all babies and children. I also didn’t expect to be so passionate about examining how we have decided to raise children in our society and what could be improved. 


One of the reasons I got into health coaching is because I believe if we take care of ourselves, if we try to better our mental and physical health, become a little happier, we will be better equipped and willing to help others. And I believe that our world needs a lot of help. 
The shootings, the mental health, the physic health, bullying, the waste, the natural disaster, the racism and so on. I know I have to help in some way, so helping people become healthier and happier is my tiny way of making a career that contributes in a small way. 

Now I feel passionate about another piece of the puzzle - what I believe to be part of a the foundational problem for some of these issues. 

Child development. 

Ok, I am no expert and am only talking from observation here, and many articles around infant development. I’m sure many of you are far more education on the subject, but I do know we can do better. 

We need to create longer paid maternity leave. We can create and embrace different ways to educate our children aside from the standard school system. We need to change the perception of how a baby/toddler is supposed to sleep, how a mom is supposed to ignore many natural instincts, and how a baby is supposed to become so independent from the Mom so quickly. 

We can do better. We should do better. I want to help in some way. I’m not sure how yet, but I’ll start by putting it out there that I really care about these issues. 

19 for a Happier 19 List

I got this idea from Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin. The idea is to create a list of things that you think will make your year a little happier. It can be fun things or things you desperately want to check off your To Do list. You can add a mix of difficult or easy things, or all of one. I added one stretch item… can you guess which one it is? If you are like me, just making the list is fun. Oh and seeing other people’s lists and finding things to copy is even more fun. One thing to add - there is no pressure here - no demerits if you don’t finish your list. This is just for FUN!

Is there anything on this lists that speaks to you? Please tag me or send me yours lists. I would love to check them out.

- Make a 19 for a Happier in 19 list
- Put photos/decor on my walls
- Take Teagan to Monterey Bay Aquarium 
- Start creating T’s baby book
- Print 2018 photo book
- Take more pictures of friends, family and myself. 
- Finish decorating front yard 
- Take a family photo 
- Bake cookies with T (when she is older)
- Use my photography gift certificate
- Take one vacation 
- Participate in a podcast 
- Do swim lessons
- Go to a music class 
- Get new jeans 
- Read two parenting books on my list 
- Get a quote to renovate our kitchen
- Start a Facebook group 
- Host a game night

Best 18 of 2018

I made a list of 18 things that made me REALLY happy in 2018 (in no particular order). Did anyone else make a similar list? What’s on yours???

  • Finished back deck

  • Updated front entryway landscaping 

  • Revised my coaching programs

  • Did one more Plantronics project with great people before T was born

  • Babymoon in Santa Barbara

  • Gave birth 

  • Vision board workshop

  • Watching Outdaughtered on TLC

  • Did a full declutter on house 

  • Reading the Little Book of Hygge

  • Getting a vitamin, pressure cooker and Kindle

  • Learning to follow my instincts as a new Mom 

  • Was able to stay in good shape during pregnancy 

  • My hair finally got long again 

  • Had so many nice long walks with blue before Teagan arrived

  • Witnessing both my mom and grandma be such amazing caretakers to their partners in a time of need

  • Having a very loving and supportive family on both sides

  • Everything Teagan - fist smile, laugh, hours of cuddling/nursing, finding her feet, first Christmas, etc.

4 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

It’s easy to over do food and treats when you are constantly attending parties, work activities, etc. during the holiday season. Then after a couple weeks, you aren’t feeling well, your skin is breaking out and your clothes are feeling a little snug. I like to enjoy the holidays, food and all, but I try to avoid that uncomfortable, over-stuffed feeling. Here are a couple tips I use to stay feeling like myself:

1. Set intentions - pick and choose your indulgent occasions. l try to think about what my intentions are before going to an event. For example, at so-and-so’s holiday party, my intention is to connect with old friends and meet some new people. I’m not going for the food, so I will only have one small treat. But at my close friend’s dinner party, I am choosing to get cozy, truly relax and will happily indulge in the cheese spread, bread and baked goods.

2. Bring a warm healthy beverage. If I know I’m going somewhere with lots of yummy treats and I don’t want to indulge, I bring a cup of hot tea with me. I find that I often eat unknowingly at parties, OR I knowingly do not want to be eating that food, but I do so anyways to keep occupied. If I have something in my hand, like my mug of tea, I can resist the bowls of chips and plates of cookies, because my hands are full and I can take sips of my yummy tea in between awkward silences and pauses in conversation instead of stepping towards the food table. It also keeps me hydrated and fills me up so I don’t get hungry either. 

3. Say no. In my opinion, it is totally acceptable to politely pass on food and drink offers at someone’s party. Don’t worry about feeling like you have to accept because it would be rude not to indulge the host or you will hurt their feelings (my husband disagrees). I hate that. No one should be pressured to put any food or drink in their body that they don’t want to. I’ve always been a picky eater, I usually don’t eat meat and hardly drink alcohol, so I’m pretty used to saying ‘no thank you’, but I know it can be hard for some people. I’m giving you permission! Try it. Plus, once you do it a couple times, it will be easy after that. 

4. Walk. I try to walk as much as possible. If my sister is in town.. let’s go for a walk to chat. My good friend is in town… let’s walk along the cliffs and catch up. This keeps my body moving, and gives my mind some fresh air. I will say, this is very easy to do living in Santa Cruz, CA where it’s usually sunny and 70 degrees. So if you are in a cold climate or bad weather, look for an indoor space to do this (indoor shopping mall or running track, a large museum).