Best 18 of 2018

I made a list of 18 things that made me REALLY happy in 2018 (in no particular order). Did anyone else make a similar list? What’s on yours???

  • Finished back deck

  • Updated front entryway landscaping 

  • Revised my coaching programs

  • Did one more Plantronics project with great people before T was born

  • Babymoon in Santa Barbara

  • Gave birth 

  • Vision board workshop

  • Watching Outdaughtered on TLC

  • Did a full declutter on house 

  • Reading the Little Book of Hygge

  • Getting a vitamin, pressure cooker and Kindle

  • Learning to follow my instincts as a new Mom 

  • Was able to stay in good shape during pregnancy 

  • My hair finally got long again 

  • Had so many nice long walks with blue before Teagan arrived

  • Witnessing both my mom and grandma be such amazing caretakers to their partners in a time of need

  • Having a very loving and supportive family on both sides

  • Everything Teagan - fist smile, laugh, hours of cuddling/nursing, finding her feet, first Christmas, etc.