Unexpected Passion

We took advantage of the pause in the rain today and met Omi in the village to get fresh air. We talked about Teagan and motherhood, as we typically do these days. But part of our conversation led me to get a little teary-eyed on the drive home. Good tears. Tears that came from a place of passion and feeling a whole new purpose for myself in this world.

I never expected to have half the feelings that came from becoming a mom. I didn’t expect love her THIS much. Or for it to be this hard and life changing. Or to have this new empathy for all babies and children. I also didn’t expect to be so passionate about examining how we have decided to raise children in our society and what could be improved. 


One of the reasons I got into health coaching is because I believe if we take care of ourselves, if we try to better our mental and physical health, become a little happier, we will be better equipped and willing to help others. And I believe that our world needs a lot of help. 
The shootings, the mental health, the physic health, bullying, the waste, the natural disaster, the racism and so on. I know I have to help in some way, so helping people become healthier and happier is my tiny way of making a career that contributes in a small way. 

Now I feel passionate about another piece of the puzzle - what I believe to be part of a the foundational problem for some of these issues. 

Child development. 

Ok, I am no expert and am only talking from observation here, and many articles around infant development. I’m sure many of you are far more education on the subject, but I do know we can do better. 

We need to create longer paid maternity leave. We can create and embrace different ways to educate our children aside from the standard school system. We need to change the perception of how a baby/toddler is supposed to sleep, how a mom is supposed to ignore many natural instincts, and how a baby is supposed to become so independent from the Mom so quickly. 

We can do better. We should do better. I want to help in some way. I’m not sure how yet, but I’ll start by putting it out there that I really care about these issues.