What's your WHY?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself when it comes to your goals. It's the driver behind your dreams. It's something we talk about a lot in my program. Sometimes it's easy to forget why we are on a certain path and then we may drift.

For me… when I put effort into being the healthiest version of myself - in all areas of my life (not just food) - I love life. I am strong, confident and feel unstoppable. When I am at my happiest, I am more giving, kind and helpful to those around me. That is WHY I eat healthy, stay active and make the time to do things in my life that nourish my mind (listen to podcasts, walk along the ocean, make connections with friends and family). 

I want to help people be their healthiest versions of themselves so they too can be their happiest as well, and want to give more to our world in whatever they choose.

This is why I am a Health Coach. As cheesy as this sounds, this is my contribution to trying to make the world a happier place.

Anyone want to share their why?